The Team
Andy Masley Headshot

Andy Masley

Andy is the head organizer for Effective Altruism DC. He is working part-time courtesy of a Community Building Grant from the Centre for Effective Altruism.

He was a double major in philosophy and physics at Clark University and learned about EA in 2013 through interest in the philosopher Derek Parfit, and has followed the movement closely ever since. He has been a high school physics teacher since college. He grew up in Massachussets and moved to DC in 2016. He loves being around friends, reading, movies, lifting weights, and finding great restaurants in the area.

Ben Schifman Headshot

Ben Schifman

Ben is a volunteer organizer for Effective Altruism DC.

Ben has been following EA since its inception, and prior to that had been inspired by Peter Singer’s writing.  

By day, Ben is an environmental lawyer at the US Department of Justice. He is interested in connecting with others interested in a career in government, and with those interested in the climate, energy, and environment space.  

When not working or volunteering with EA DC, Ben plays guitar and banjo, leading a bluegrass jam and a 1920s-style jazz band

Geoffrey Yip Headshot

Geoffrey Yip

Geoffrey is a volunteer organizer for Effective Altruism DC.

He found out about EA in 2016 through Will MacAskill's book, Doing Good Better, and was attracted to the movement's focus on evidence and rigor. He hopes to influence international economic policy making someday, with an eye towards international development.

For fun, he plays a lot of video games, takes long walks, and spends way too much time thinking about fitness.

These are just some of our organizers! Others may not be listed for privacy reasons.